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[Volume 3] The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals

by aliraza

You can download The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals Volume 3 The Circulatory System, The Skin, and the Cutaneous Organs of the Domestic Mammals by A. Schummer, H. Wilkens, B. Vollmerhaus, K.-H. Habermehl free in pdf format. 

The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals Volume 3

About Book

It is difficult to find words which are adequate to praise sufficiently this, the third of a series of five volumes, on the anatomy of domestic animals. It deals only with the circulatory system, skin and cutaneous organs and, in 600 pages, the authors have written a splendid work; thankfully, the translators have shown themselves to be equal to their task. The circulatory system is dealt with under the headings “Bloodvascular System” and “Lymphatic System”, and much valuable information on the significance of the lymphatic system in meat inspection is to be found; the preface warns that the comments are based on German legal requirements for examination of lymph nodes, but all who take meat inspection seriously would do well to consult this section. After dealing generally with skin and cutaneous organs, there are more detailed descriptions of these organs in carnivores, pigs, ruminants and horses. The text is good and the plentiful drawings can only be described as superb. The veterinary students, graduates, practitioners and research workers at whom the book is aimed will find it a pleasure to own and a valuable work of reference.

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