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Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics

by Asim Javed

You can download Vaccines and Diagnostics by Ronald D. Schultz free in pdf format.

Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics

About Book

This volume of Advances in Veterinary Medicine, derived in part from the First Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostic Conferences, deals with vaccines, an especially active area of veterinary research and controversy. Vaccination is the most successful medical and veterinary measure: More lives have been saved by immunization, more animal production safeguarded than through all other medical and veterinary activities combined. It has been possible to eradicate a disease worldwide (human smallpox), and attempts to reach the same goal for poliomyelitis and measles are viewed with optimism. But this optimism does not apply for diseases where the causative virus has a reservoir in the wild fauna (such as in the case of distemper and parvoviruses that occur in mustellids). Against these diseases vaccination will have to continue.

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