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Veterinary Forensics by Melinda Merck

by aliraza

You can download Veterinary Forensics Animal Cruelty Investigations by Melinda D. Merck free in pdf format.

Veterinary Forensics by Melinda Merck

About Book

Animal cruelty is gaining attention worldwide. With the rise of mandatory reporting requirements for veterinarians and prosecution of animal cruelty, veterinarians and pathologists need the resources to properly assist in these cases. Veterinary Forensics is a practical reference for veterinarians, pathologists and investigators. Written by a leading expert in veterinary forensics, it provides the background and resources needed to work with animal abuse cases. The book offers detailed and clear direction on crime scene investigation, forensic testing and forensic pathology findings, as well as guidance on handling evidence and conducting evaluations that will hold up in court. Primarily focused on dogs and cats, the principles and techniques in this book can be applied easily to other species as well. Photographs highlight pertinent forensic findings in animals, and extensive appendices include forms for examination, report writing, entomology collection, body condition scoring, forensic kits, forensic specialists and labs, and web resources.

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