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Veterinary Cytology 2nd Edition

by aliraza

You can download Veterinary Cytology, Dog, Cat, Horse and Cow, Self-Assessment Color Review, 2nd Edition by Francesco Cian and Kathleen Freeman free in pdf format. 

Veterinary Cytology 2nd Edition

About Book

This highly visual book provides a comprehensive survey of cytological features and patterns as an aid to study, revision and continuing education for veterinarians in practice and training. Illustrated in full-colour with over 240 photomicrographs, the cases are presented randomly and appear as self-assessment questions with detailed explanatory answers. Species covered include the dog, the cat, the horse, and the cow. The new edition adds 89 brand new cases and updates all the existing content to ensure its continued relevance in practice. It also includes ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ at the end the book to further test the reader’s knowledge. This fully-revised second edition continues to be an invaluable reference for veterinary practitioners, veterinary students, nurses, and technicians.

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