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Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual

by aliraza

You can download Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual by Nichola Coombes and Ayona Silva-Fletcher free in pdf format. 

Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual

About Book

Down-to-earth and intensely practical, this book and video package provides step-by-step guidance on the essential clinical skills required by veterinary students before they face clinical situations encountered in the real world of the busy veterinary professional.
  • Contains step by step illustrations and photographs, complemented by videos of clinical procedures which can be viewed on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Covers the essential key skills that veterinary students need to know.
  • Details a whole range of techniques, from surgical, anaesthesia and laboratory through to everyday essential and diagnostic skills, in both farm and companion animals.
  • Describes in-depth the use of simulators in learning key skills.
  • Provides advice on preparing for OSCEs and practical exams.
This book is the go-to manual for an essential grounding in key veterinary clinical skills for all students and educators of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.

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