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Tropical Dairy Farming by John Moran

by aliraza

You can download Tropical Dairy Farming, Feeding Management for Small Holder Dairy Farmers in the Humid Tropics by John Moran free in pdf format. 

Tropical Dairy Farming by John Moran

About Book

Tropical Dairy Farming is a manual designed for use by dairy production advisors working in tropical areas, especially in South-East Asia. It aims to increase the productivity of small holder dairy farmers in the humid tropics by improving the feeding management of their livestock. It shows how to provide dairy cows with cost-effective feeds that match small holder farming systems and discusses the major obstacles to improving feeding management in the humid tropics.
The author shows the benefits and drawbacks of various feed components and the calculation of balanced diets based mainly on forages combined with some supplementary feeding. Diseases and problems associated with unbalanced diets are also covered, as well as important information on growing and conserving quality forages as silage.

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