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Transplantation at a glance

by aliraza

You can download Transplantation at a glance by Menna Clatworthy, Christopher Watson, Michael Allison and John Dark free in pdf format.

Transplantation at a glance


About Book

The first basic overview of all aspects of transplantation with a clarity not to be found in more inaccessible textbooks. This brand new title provides a succinct overview of both the scientific and clinical principles of organ transplantation and the types of organ transplant, featuring highly-illustrated information covering core topics in transplantation including:
* Organ donors
* Organ preservation
* Assessment of transplant recipients
* Indications for transplantation
* Immunology of transplantation
* Immunosuppression and its complications
* Overviews of thoracic and abdominal organ transplantation, including the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs Transplantation at a Glance is the ideal introduction for medical students, junior doctors, surgical trainees, immunology students, pharmacists, and nurses on transplant wards

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