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Tooth-Colored Restoratives 9th Edition

by aliraza

You can download Tooth Colored Restoratives Principles and Techniques 9th Edition by Harry F. Albers free in pdf format. 

About Book

How a material is used is always considerably more important than which material is used. Tooth-Colored Restoratives Principles and Techniques, Ninth Edition offers a comprehensive discussion on dental materials and a guide to creating highly esthetic, long-lasting direct restorations. Preparation and simplified techniques for creating more durable, more esthetic restorations are well supported by this abundantly illustrated book. Completely revised, updated and expanded, this ninth edition explains the nature, benefits and limitations of resins and ionomers. Products currently available and those soon entering the market are classified by material type and clarified as to their appropriate use. Principles and guidelines for working with each specific class of material when performing posterior and anterior restoration treatments for common esthetic procedures are also examined.

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