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Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology 3rd Edition

by aliraza

You can download Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology 3rd Edition by M. Donald McGavin, William W. Carlton and James F. Zachary free in pdf format. 

Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology 3rd Edition

About Book

The third edition of Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology has been revised with the same goals in mind that guided the first two editions: to provide the undergraduate student with a textbook comprehensive enough to meet every need in veterinary pathology. All chapters have been thoroughly updated, but the alimentary, endocrine, nervous, reproductive, and eye and ear chapters have been completely rewritten and the muscle chapter extensively revised. Well over 100 new illustrations have been added to augment text discussions and to achieve greater quality throughout.

In addition to the inclusion of new discussions and illustrations, another goal of this revision was to increase the lucidity of the text. Although all chapters do not have a standardized style, we have attempted to accentuate the role of pathogenesis and to use it as a basis of understanding of the sequence for the development of gross and microscopic changes. Also, we have attempted to continue to use standardized nomenclatures: Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (NAV) for anatomical structures and the most current bacteriological terminology. The names of some bac¬ teria have changed several times in the last decade; we have used the most recent name and placed the better known older term in parentheses on the initial use of the name of the organism. However, since these chapters went to press, the name change of Pasteurella haemolytica to Mannheimia haemolytica has been approved.

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