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The Principles of Endodontics 2nd edition

by aliraza

You can download The Principles of Endodontics 2nd edition by Clifford free in pdf format. 

The Principles of Endodontics 2nd edition

About Book

The second edition of The principles of endodontics has been worth the wait since the publication of the first edition back in 2005. This book is aimed at undergraduate dental students, recent graduates and GDPs wishing to refresh their knowledge with more contemporary techniques and information.
The book is organised into ten chapters taking the reader through a logical and systematic approach to endodontics, starting from a short introduction to tooth development, diagnosis, pulp preservation, root canal techniques, restoration and finally managing post-treatment disease.
The authors decided to keep references to a minimum, inviting readers to explore their list of further reading at the end of each chapter. This is a good idea and the suggested reading list consists of scientific journals and other specialised books. However, I think keeping a moderate amount of referencing in the actual text would have made this book an even better resource for undergraduates and foundation dentists, purely because the references would be available immediately rather than the reader having to search for them somewhere else. Some will like this and others won’t. It’s a step in the right direction encouraging readers to explore more self-directed learning.

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