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The Masticatory Organ by Slavicek

by aliraza

You can download The Masticatory Organ Functions and Dysfunctions by Rudolf Slavicek free in pdf format. 

The Masticatory Organ by Slavicek

About Book

In fact, the term “masticatory organ” is inappropriate, as the function which gives the name, is certainly not its most important one. Recognizing and understanding the phylogeny and characteristic changes to Homo sapiens sapiens is important in order to properly appreciate the brilliant variety as well as vulnerability of this fascinating organ.
Our knowledge of the repetitive phylogenic steps during ontogenesis highlights the problematic areas brought about by overlapping new functional areas and the resultant susceptibility to impairment. All epidemiological studies in adolescents have demonstrated temporary “crashes” to signs and symptoms of dysfunction. This is because form is constantly and rapidly changing, and function must continually adapt during development.
The Masticatory Organ book by Slavicek (an well known Austrian professor) is a hard to read one, but it enriches one’s point of view on the subject of physiology, occlusion and dysfunction of the Masticatory Organ.

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