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The Marsh Angel by Hagai Dagan

by aliraza

You can free download The Marsh Angel by Hagai Dagan in pdf epub format.

The Marsh Angel by Hagai Dagan

About Book

He’s sophisticated. She’s deadly. All rules will be broken for her.

Like every other person in the world of espionage, Tamir Binder is searching for the truth. But truth is an elusive thing, and sometimes one must delve deep into the darkest places to find it.

When Tamir picks up the phone and the Mossad agent on the other end of the line asks him to return to service to help with a struggle against a ghost from the past, he understands that this is a one-time opportunity to gain the closure he’s always wanted with the beautiful Palestinian fighter he has been obsessed with ever since his military service in the prestigious Unit 8200.

Tamir is extracted from his regular life and sent to Vienna to renew the chase before she can carry out her dangerous plans. But on his search, he unravels a gripping affair extending to the highest ranks of the government.

This sensational discovery and the surprising reunion with the woman who has occupied his mind for years put Tamir with his back against the wall in unfamiliar territory. This time he is willing to go all the way and break all the rules, but will the truth come to light? And will his passion be realized?

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