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The Art and Science of Filler Injection

by aliraza

You can download The Art and Science of Filler Injection, Based on Clinical Anatomy and the Pinch Technique by Giwoong Hong, Seungmin Oh, Bongcheol Kim and Yongwoo Lee free in pdf format.

The Art and Science of Filler Injection

About Book

This highly illustrated book describes how to perform dermal filler procedures in a way that simultaneously takes into account esthetic and safety aspects in order to achieve optimal outcomes in individual patients. After discussion of filler materials and design considerations, the relevant basic and clinical anatomy is described, drawing on cadaveric examinations and imaging in living subjects. Step-by-step instruction is then provided on how to identify a safe injection plane and on injection using the pinch technique. The coverage includes guidance on injection procedures specific to different sites. A thorough and systemic description of potential side effects of filler injection, and the management of complications is also presented. The Art and Science of Filler Injection equips the reader with a sound knowledge of all aspects relevant to the achievement of pleasing esthetic results without side effects and will be of value for practitioners at all levels of experience.

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