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Tail docking: Indication & Procedure

by aliraza

Docking is the removal of portions of an animal’s tail. While docking and bobbing are more commonly used to refer to removal of the tail, the term cropping is used in reference to the ears. Tail docking occurs in one of two ways.


1. For fattening the animal
2. For make easy mating
3. For decrease anal contamination
4. Necrosis of tail
5. For cosmetic purpose as in dog


1. Clipped and shaved the surgical area
2. Ring block local anesthesia at site of operation in ruminants & general anesthesia in dog
3. Tourniquet the tail above the site of operation to reduce blood supply
4. Make 2 “U” shape incisions above the articulation of 2 vertebrae (site of operation)
5. Blunt dissection (skining)
6. Cut the articulation with tendon and muscles
7. Suturing the skin with skin by simple interrupted method (silk)
8 . Remove the tourniquet
9. Dripping  with gauss and give systemic antibiotec (PS)


1. haemorrhage
2. Abscess

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