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Surgical Instrumentation 2nd Edition

by aliraza

You can free download Surgical Instrumentation 2nd Edition in pdf format.

About Book

Surgical teams love this book! Now in its second edition, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION offers all-new, full-color photographs of hundreds of surgical instruments commonly used in operating rooms today. Logically organized by function and surgery type, chapters cover everything from the basics to the advanced, including a fascinating history of how surgical instruments came to be, how to assemble the right instrument sets for different surgeries, best practices for cleaning and sterilization, current safety procedures, and more tips for making bustling surgical suites run smoothly. Also available in the interactive, digital MindTap format, this easy-to-understand book shows instruments in collections, individually, and broken down in zoomed-in detail, making SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION, 2nd Edition a must-have resource for all surgical disciplines.

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