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Step by Step Clinical Exodontics

by aliraza

You can download Step by Step Clinical Exodontics by Pramod Bansi Mathur, Sanjay Bansi Mathur and Manisha Mathur free in pdf format. 

Step by Step Clinical Exodontics

About Book

The exhaustive contents on the subject of exodontia/oral surgery are presented in an accessible format. A step-by-step reference is given with discussion about complications that may involve surrounding soft and hard tissues, plus those that may arise in managing medically compromised patients. It explains systematically every stage, before, during and after the extraction of teeth, including deciduous teeth, complicated extractions, broken roots pieces, root remnants, and details of extractions/ odontectomy of impacted third molars, canines, mesiodents and supernumeraries. Provides information about sterilization, theater decorum, details of antibiotics and methods to avoid infection. How to handle emergencies, allergic manifestations, amaphylactic reactions etc, are also highlighted. The tortuous operational technicalities are explained in an easy format with the help of photographs and figures.

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