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Songbird Demography by Vladimir Payevsky

by aliraza

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Songbird Demography by Vladimir Payevsky

About Book

This monograph summarizes the results of research into the age and sex structure, survival rate, longevity and the population dynamics of songbirds (passerines). The emphasis is on the demographic parameters of breeding and migrating birds of the Eastern Baltic, although population studies of songbirds from other parts of the world are also reviewed. Issues of terminology are especially considered, as well as the potential bias in data of importance to bird population studies through trapping and ringing methods. The history of dispersal and philopatry (site fidelity) research is presented. The annual and seasonal variation in age and sex in population structure and age-related aspects of territorial behaviour are discussed in detail. The results of a special analysis of sex-specific survival rates are presented. Demographic aspects of population studies of nine model species are analysed in detail. Problems of research into the mechanisms of population dynamics and the impact of global climate change on seasonal European-African migrants are reviewed.

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