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Small Animal Dermatology: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis

by aliraza

You can download Small Animal Dermatology, A Practical Guide to Diagnosis by Peter Barrie Hill free in pdf format. 

About Book

Skin disease is one of the most common reasons for dogs and cats to be presented to veterinarians and yet dermatological diagnosis and treatment can often prove troublesome. In order to avoid problems, clinicians must take a logical and systematic approach in order to carry out appropriate tests, make an accurate clinical diagnosis and then apply the necessary treatment. Overall this book will help its target market of students and practitioners wishing to improve their knowledge of small animal dermatology. It would sit happily alongside one of the newer, small format, photo-full books on the subject. It does not attempt to replace the standard tome, but for those attempting the Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology it should be a ‘must buy’.” C Chesney, Journal of Small Animal Practice, January 2003

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