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Sleep Medicine for Dentists

by aliraza

You can download Sleep Medicine for Dentists, A Practical Overview by Gilles J. Lavigne, Peter A. Cistulli and Michael T. Smith free in pdf format. 

Sleep Medicine for Dentists

About Book

This concise clinical handbook educates dental practitioners seeking to understand, recognize, and manage disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep bruxism, and chronic pain, which often interfere with or intrude into sleep and are critically important to the practice of dentistry. Leading experts in medicine and dentistry articulate and guide readers in performing the specific responsibilities of dental practitioners, such as routinely examining patients for the risk of sleep-disordered breathing; providing guidance and appropriate referrals to patients who report snoring, sleepiness, and morning headache; managing the tooth damage or pain generated by bruxism; knowing when to prescribe oral appliances and understanding their associated risks; and collaborating closely with maxillofacial surgeons or ENT specialists when surgery is indicated. This unique book is a rapid source of practical information for students, practicing dentists, and researchers who wish to expand their knowledge base on this important topic.

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