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Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy TechBook [OCR]

by aliraza

You can download Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy by John C. Ness free in pdf format. 

Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy TechBook

About Book

Knowledge of anatomy is the very foundation of excellence and is essential to developing the artistic perception and judgement needed to create natural restorations in any case.
Gain certainty of each individual feature of posterior anatomy and increase your ability to produce beautiful posterior crowns and bridges in wax, composite or porcelain.
This TechBook covers:

  • The five basic features of primary anatomy.
  • Precise definitions that will help you differentiate and visualize every feature of posterior anatomy.
  • The one feature that determines the position of all other occlusal features.
  • 3 tooth numbering systems.
  • The terminology to confidently communicate with anyone about posterior tooth anatomy.

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