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Self-Ligation in Orthodontics by Eliades & Pandis

by aliraza

You can download Self Ligation in Orthodontics An evidence based approach to biomechanics and treatment by Theodore Eliades and Nikolaos Pandis free in pdf format.

About Book

Self-Ligation in Orthodontics is a major new text that reviews, analyses and clarifies the currently available peer-reviewed evidence on a number of applications of this technology, espousing diverse perspectives to make this a unique scientific resource on self-ligation.
The book embraces all aspects of self-ligating brackets, extending from therapeutic outcome, to biomechanics, materials, and treatment manifestations. Each chapter addresses a specific question pertinent to the properties and clinical performance of self-ligating brackets including: force and moment generation during engagement; temporal variation of force in active self-ligating brackets; periodontal considerations and oral microbiota alterations; root resorption; treatment efficiency and associated dental effects.
A work of substantial, thoughtful, and useful scholarship, Self-Ligation in Orthodontics will be a significant resource for clinicians and researchers in orthodontics, and related dental specialists.

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