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Review of Removable Partial Dentures

by aliraza

You can download Review of Removable Partial Dentures by Lovely M free in pdf format. 

Review of Removable Partial Dentures

About Book

The book comprises of Essays, Short notes and an updated index at the end. It comprehensively covers the subject matter of removable partial dentures. The material is logically divided into diagnosis and planning, clinical procedures and laboratory procedures. The Question and answer format makes the book makes easy to understand the basic principles of removable partial denture. The language of the book is simple yet does not compromise on effectively conveying the content. Topics like principles of RPD designs, components of RPD, mouth preparations, surveyors, jaw relations, laboratory procedures, failures of RPD, obturators and post-insertion protocols have been explicitly discussed and explained.
A major concern regarding the book is that it lacks in adequate diagrams and references. Adding these would have created an immediate visual impact and better capture of the concepts. Use of references in the end of every topic would have helped establish the authenticity of the information shared. Use of tables for discussing comparisons between different Kennedy designs at page 82 will make it more appealing and easier to memorize. Addition of clinical scenarios to explain different concepts will help in improving clinical assessment skills of the students and will make them aware of the clinical implication of the knowledge shared related to removable partial dentures.

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