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QDT 2006 Quintessence of Dental Technology

by aliraza

You can download QDT 2006 Quintessence of Dental Technology by Avishai Sadan free in pdf format. 

QDT 2006 Quintessence Dental Technology

About Book

QDT 2006 (Vol 29) features original articles on the year’s newest materials, concepts, and laboratory techniques from the world’s masters in dental technology and esthetic dentistry. Colorful and insightful, QDT is sure to satisfy. CONTENTS Case Presentations Gerard J. Chiche / Hitoshi Aoshima Mauro Fradeani / Giancarlo Barducci Naoki Aiba Ed McLaren Avishai Sadan / Tomikazu Luc Rutten / Patrick Rutten: All-Ceramic Restorations Designed by CAD/CAM Stefan Holst / Michael Bergler / Enrico Steger / Markus B. Blatz / Manfred Wichmann: The Application of Zirconium Oxide Frameworks for Implant Superstructures Ricardo Mitrani / Michael Beerli: Full-Mouth Rehabilitation on Teeth and Osseointegrated Implants Eric Van Dooren: Immediate Single-Implant Placement After Extraction in Thin Biotype Cases John Schwartz: The Biomimetic Dentoenamel Junction: A Paradigm Shift of Ceramic Thought Hiro Tokutomi (dentists: Luis Sarmiento, Suzanne Avedikian, Hideo Yamamoto, Shigemi Nagai): Achievement in Laboratory Work: Esthetic to Precision Inaki Gamborena / Markus B. Blatz: A Clinical Guide to Predictable Esthetics with Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Restorations Juan Jose Gutierrez Riera / Albano R. Flores / Francisco Zarato Rivera / Thomas J. Salinas: Alternative Designs in Implant-Retained Maxillary Overdentures: The Telescopic Approach Joseph Nissan / Eitan Barnea: Reconstruction of Excessive Overbite and Disharmonious Occlusal Plane Luis Sensi / Fabiano Marson / Tayanna Roesner / Luiz Baratieri / Sylvio Monteiro Junior: Fluorescence of Composite Resins: Clinical Considerations Luke S. Kahng / Franz Weyandt: The Benefit of Low-Fusing Veneer Yoshihiro Goto / Alexander Shor / Jeffrey Ceyhan: Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Maxilla with an Implant-Supported Fixed Prosthesis Sergio Rubinstein / Alan J. Nidetz / Leslie B. Heffez / Fujiki Toshi: Prosthetic Management of Implants with Different Osseous Levels Guido Fichera / Walter Devoto / Dino Re: Esthetic Indirect Adhesive Restorations… and more.

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