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Pyometra: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

by aliraza

It is chronic disease as a sequel of Endometritis or Metritis , which means accumolation of large amount of pus in the uterus.

Characterized by

Accumulation of pus
persist corpus luteum


Either due to infection by Corynebacterium pyogen & Trichomonas fetus that lead to production and accumulation of the pus in uterus . or without infection specially in cow which characterized by conversion of pregnancy (fetus) to mummified fetus ( closed cervix , persist C.L. for long time , anestrum )


Pyometra with closed cervix (common )
Pyometra with opened cervix


In pyometra with open cervix
There is large amount purulent discharge
In pyometra with closed cervix diagnosed by Ultrasound

sequle of Pyometra is lead to sterility of animal


Evacuation of pus from uterus
Pgf2a 25mg for regretion of C.L.
Estradiol 5mg for dilation of cervix then after 2 hrs. Can give Oxytocin 50 IU
Cervical manipulation by using special catheter to dilation of cervix & evacuate the pus


We cannot use antibiotic in case of pyometra due to presence of pus .
For inside uterus we must be use eye ointment as a local antibody & if there is not present we can use intra mammary infusion

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