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Practical Veterinary Urinalysis

by aliraza

You can download Practical Veterinary Urinalysis by Carolyn A. Sink and Nicole M. Weinstein free in pdf format. 

Practical Veterinary Urinalysis

About Book

 Practical Veterinary Urinalysis is a comprehensive, clinically relevant resource for the veterinary laboratory. This bench-top guide covers sample handling guidelines, interpretation of dry chemical analysis, and recommendations for physical and microscopic evaluation. Emphasizing diagnostic techniques and result interpretation, Practical Veterinary Urinalysis is an ideal aid for anyone who performs and interprets urinalysis testing. Beginning with an overview of renal physiology and urine production, the main focus of the book is examination and analysis of urine samples, including physical properties, chemical analysis, and sediment examination. Additional chapters review diagnostic tests and considerations for proteinuria, advanced diagnostics, quality assurance and laboratory set-up. Practical Veterinary Urinalysis is an invaluable tool for achieving accurate and reliable laboratory results and is a useful addition to any veterinary library.

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