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Practical Lambing and Lamb Care 4th Edition

by aliraza

You can download Practical lambing and lamb care, A Veterinary Guide 4th Edition by Neil Sargison, James Patrick Crilly and Andrew Hopkerfree in pdf format. 

Practical Lambing and Lamb Care 4th Edition

About Book

 The Fourth Edition of Practical Lambing and Lamb Care offers a complete revision and update to this comprehensive and practical resource to all aspects of lambing and lamb care. This edition also discusses kidding and care of newborn kids, emphasising similarities between sheep and goat management and highlighting aspects where there are differences. The new edition incorporates new developments in the field and addresses the rapidly evolving needs of global small ruminant production. The authors – noted experts in their field – provide an authoritative description of a professional approach to lambing and kidding, and care of newborn animals, with an emphasis on husbandry and management to reduce the need for intervention during the periparturient period. The book has been comprehensively updated to address the needs of today’s international small ruminant farmers and their vets and advisors, as well as the livestock industry, while maintaining the standards of earlier editions. The new edition also includes many new photographs used to illustrate relevant principles.

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