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Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses

by aliraza

You can download Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses by Ted Stashak free in pdf format. 

Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses

About Book

This is an updated, practical version of Dr. Stashak’s top selling book Adams’ Lameness in Horses, 4th edition. The material is heavily illustrated and provides a hands-on guide to common clinical problems. The authors present important guidelines for decision making and preventive measures. This is a hands-on, authoritative resource that clearly differentiates between important and non-important clinical situations.
When lameness strikes, it is often painful for the horse and can be frustrating, disappointing, heart-breaking, and costly. Because Adam’s Lameness in Horses, Fourth Edition, is generally considered too technical for horse owners, trainers, and students in equine science and farrier programs, we elected to develop a comprehensive text that was user friendly. We extracted some of the information from the Fourth Edition and updated every topic. We heavily revised the Conformation and Shoeing chapters.
We hope that this information, coupled with conscientious management, will result in fewer horses suffering from lameness. When a lameness does occur, and you seek professional assistance, we suggest you stay informed and actively involved in the case yourself. It will be most helpful for the horse if you are knowledgeable about the lameness that is being treated. Toward that end, we have provided detailed information about all equine lamenesses: description, causes, signs, treatment, and prognosis. For the horse’s sake, we strongly encourage you to develop a cooperative team involving yourself, your veterinarian, and your farrier. This is the key to your horse’s recovery and comfort.

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