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Poultry Science 5th Edition

by aliraza

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Poultry Science 5th Edition

About Book

Poultry production continues to make tremendous advances. This thoroughly revised fifth edition of Scanes’ seminal, comprehensive text presents students and professionals alike with valuable, research-based material relevant to all stages of a poultry career.
Areas covered include global and commercial poultry production; poultry business organization; and production of meat chickens (broilers), turkeys, eggs, ducks, geese, game birds, and other poultry. Other chapters cover the fundamental science behind production: poultry biology, genetics, behavior, diseases/health, housing, ventilation, and processing. New or greatly expanded sections cover biosecurity; poultry stress/welfare; feed additives; food safety; incubation; controlling pests; poultry waste and environmental issues; brooding; and organic, free-range, and niche poultry production.

“Points for Discussion” and “Deeper Dive” sections highlight key examples and provide further context and empirical data for critical areas in poultry production, giving students a first-hand look at issues in both small and large operations. The book concludes with an in-depth, invaluable chapter on applying for internships and positions for the start of a successful career.

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