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Poultry Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment 4th Edition

by aliraza

You can download Poultry diseases diagnosis and treatment 4th Edition by H.V. S. Chauhan and S. Roy free in pdf format. 

Poultry Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment 4th Edition

About Book

This book, in its fourth edition, has been completely revised, giving the latest information on poultry diseases including avian influenza. The basic syllabus pattern of the Veterinary Council of India has been retained for students. Information on drugs, disinfectants, sanitizers, and vaccines has been almost rewritten. The chapters on Laboratory Procedures have been revised and enlarged. Important chapters such as on Fungal Toxicosis, Marek’s Disease, Gumboro Disease, Coccidiosis Poultry Immune System, have been updated. Diseases of ducks and basics on duck rearing have also been added. Other important additions are on the quality of drinking water and the problems of eggshells.
The book retains its original approach of providing theoretical information, diagnostic methods for accurate diagnosis, treatment by latest drugs available in India and lastly, prevention of diseases by latest vaccines

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