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Physical Chemistry 6th edition by Levine

by Asim Javed

You can download Physical Chemistry (6th edition) written by Ira N. Levine free in pdf format. 

Physical Chemistry 6th edition by Levine

About Book

This textbook is for the standard undergraduate course in physical chemistry. To make the presentation easy to follow, the book gives careful definitions and explanations of concepts, full details of most derivations, and reviews of relevant topics in mathematics and physics.

One aim of the new edition is to avoid the increase in size that usually occurs with each new edition and that eventually produces an unwieldy text. To this end, Chapter 13 on surfaces was dropped. Some of this chapter was put in the chapters on phase equilibrium (Chapter 7) and reaction kinetics (Chapter 16), and the rest was omitted. Sections 4.2 (thermodynamic properties of nonequilibrium systems), 10.5 (models for nonelectrolyte activity coefficients), 17.19 (nuclear decay), and 21.15 (photoelectron spectroscopy) were deleted. Some material formerly in these sections is now in the problems. Several other sections were shortened.

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