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Pests des Petitis Ruminants ( P.P.R.)

by aliraza

Pests des Petitis Ruminants ( P.P.R.) Is highly contagious viral disease of Goat , less commonly occure in sheep


The virus is present in all body excretions & secretions such as tears , nasal discharege , diarrheic feces
Is spread by Direct & indirect contact


The disease have two forms

1- Acute Form

manifested by

  • short fever accompained by dullness 
  • serous oculonasal discharge that rapidly become profuse & purrulent 
  • congestion & necrosis of gum , lower lip , oral mucosa , tongue become coated with fetid diphtheric plaques , lip swollen , animal unable to eat 
  • profuse diarrhea begins and the feces may be mucoid & blood tinged 

2- Sub Acute Form

More common in sheep but they also occure in goats & are manifested by low grade signs & lesions

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