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Periodontitis, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Options

by aliraza

You can download Periodontitis Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Options by Wai Keung Leung and Victor Goh free in pdf format. 

Periodontitis, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Options

About Book

Periodontitis is a bacteria initiated inflammatory disease of the tooth supporting structures. In the susceptible patient, progressive alveolar bone destruction often leads to tooth loss, exerting debilitating effects on one’s overall quality of life. This book contains ten chapters on periodontal disease, each written by experts in their respective fields. Chapter 1 provides an in-depth discussion regarding the different forms of periodontal diseases seen in children and adolescents, and how they are managed. Chapter 2 reviews the aetiology, clinical manifestation, and management of one of the most common periodontal problems encountered in the dental practice – periodontal abscess. Chapter 3 highlights the intimate relationship between periodontal disease and various systemic diseases/conditions,, and how a collaborative approach between dental and medical professionals may benefit the long-term treatment outcome of patients burdened by both periodontal and systemic diseases. Chapter 4 introduces readers to the various power-driven armamentarium designed specifically for debriding the root surface. Chapter 5 delves into the different phases of periodontal therapy and how disease and treatment outcomes are assessed, while Chapter 6 discusses the impact of periodontitis on patients’ oral health-related quality of life. Chapter 7 discusses the impact of psychological stress on the initiation, progression, and treatment outcomes of periodontal disease. Chapter 8 evaluates the biological influences of vitamins on periodontal wound healing.

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