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Periodontal Disease: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

by aliraza

You can download Periodontal Disease: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention (Deatal Science, Materials and Technology) by Sho L. Yamamoto free in pdf format. 

Periodontal Disease Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

About Book

Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection characterized by persistent inflammation, connective tissue breakdown and alveolar bone destruction. The chronic inflammation associated with periodontal disease represents the host response to bacterial plaque, mediated by the environment in which the response occurs. This book presents topical research data in the study of periodontal disease, including aesthetic periodontal therapy and root coverage techniques; clinical features of periodontal diseases in children and adolescents; biomechanics and the perioprosthetic patient; maternal periodontitis and perinatal outcomes; identifying patients with enhanced disease susceptibility in periodontal disease; and inflammatory mediators and oxidative stress in periodontal disease

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