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Pericarditis : Symptome, Diagnosis &Treatment

by Asim Javed

PericarditisIs inflammation of pericardium that occure mainly in Cattle & Horse , most cases are (Traumatic Pericarditis ) That is perforation of pericardial sac by an infected foreign body


The symptome are
1- Pain
2- avoid movement
3- abduction of elbow
4- arching of back
5- abdominal respiration
6- increase tepmerature & pulse
7- toxamia occure & heart rate increased
8- animal dead due to toxamia & congestive heart failure (CHF)


Diagnosis by
1- case history & clinical signs
2- radiography
3- Electrocatdiography
4- Ecocardiography


Broad spectrum antibiotic ( use pericardiocentesis & corticosteroid or NSAID )

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