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Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease 4th Edition

by aliraza

You can free download Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease 4th Edition in pdf format.

About Book

Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease, the fourth edition in the last two decades in the series previously titled Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology, has been revised and expanded but with the same goal in mind as for the past editions: to provide students of veterinary medicine with a textbook comprehensive enough to meet the needs of the professional curriculum with an emphasis on responses of the cell, tissue, and organ to injury. This book is not meant to be encyclopedic; specific diseases have been selected either because they are of primary importance in veterinary medicine or because they illustrate a basic pathogenetic mechanism. To aid in the understanding of mechanisms, six chapters on basic pathology have been added and pathogenesis and mechanisms of disease have been emphasized by the extensive use of color gross photographs and photomicrographs, schematic diagrams, summary boxes, and tables.

Change not only is a fundamental concept taught in basic cellular pathology but also occurs in the process of writing, editing, and publishing educational text¬ books. Advances in technology in publishing during the last decade have provided an opportunity to trans¬ form the “traditional” format and content of our text¬ books. Thus Thomson’s Special Veterinary Pathology has become Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease and was designed to use the expertise of contributors, editors, and the production staff at Elsevier. It should come as no surprise that this book was modeled (unashamedly) on its highly successful counterpart text in human medicine, Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease.

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