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Outlines of Dairy Technology by Sukumar De

by aliraza

You can free download Outlines of Dairy Technology by Sukumar De in pdf format.

About Book

Sukumar De’s Outlines of Dairy Technology, published by Oxford University Press, is a comprehensive book for students and professionals in the field of dairy technology. It discusses the fundamental concepts in simple and lucid language to enable better comprehension.

Oxford University Press is a renowned publishing house that develops and publishes high quality textbooks, scholarly works, and academic books for school courses, bilingual dictionaries and also digital materials for both learning and teaching. It is a division of the University of Oxford. The first book was local published in the year 1912. Some of the books published under their banner are India’s Ancient Past, Atkins’ Physical Chemistry, Companion to Politics in India, Sociology: Themes and Perspectives and Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced …and How to Avoid Them.

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