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Organic Chemistry Mechanistic Patterns

by aliraza

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Organic Chemistry Mechanistic Patterns

About Book

Organic Chemistry: Mechanistic Patterns is the very first introductory organic chemistry title that holistically focuses on a mechanistic approach; an approach that has proven to achieve a deeper understanding of chemical reactivity. This mechanistic approach to the dynamic world of organic chemistry visualizes reactivity as a collection of patterns in electron movement, making it possible for students to describe why a reaction occurred. Recognizing patterns of electron flow between seemingly different reactions can allow students to predict how a chemical will react, even if they have never seen a particular reaction before. The text takes great care to establish a progression of reactivity, from simple to complex, introducing functional groups as necessary, while focusing on the reaction at hand rather than the various things that each functional group does. Together, we seek to open students’ eyes to the dynamic world of organic chemistry with a more powerful and systematic approach to learning.

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