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Organic Chemistry A Brief Course

by aliraza

You can free download Organic Chemistry A Brief Course in pdf format.

Organic Chemistry A Brief Course

About Book

Based on the U.S. text Organic Chemistry: A Brief Course, this edition continues to guide a diverse group of organic chemistry students by selectively revealing the logic of organic chemistry through carefully designed organization, pedagogy, problem solving, and illustrations. A text that is both modern in outlook and selective in coverage, this edition is further enhanced by the introduction of the following: Molecular orbital theory which emphasizes the visual understanding of chemical bonds and reactions. Curved-arrow notation which illustrates how organic reactions occur in terms of the movement of electrons. The topic of stereochemistry early in the book so that the students have a better grasp of the concept of organic compounds in three-dimensional structures and methods of interconversion. Chapter previews to aid students’ revision prior to examinations.

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