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Organic Chemistry 9th Edition

by aliraza

You can download Organic Chemistry 9th Edition By Francis A. Carey and Robert M. Giuliano free in pdf format.

Organic Chemistry 9th Edition

About Book

The goal of this text, as it has been through eight previous editions, is to provide students with the conceptual tools to understand and apply the relationship between the structures of organic compounds and their properties. Both the organization of the text and the presentation of individual topics were designed with this objective in mind.
In planning this edition, we committed ourselves to emphasizing line formulas as the primary tool for communicating structural information. Among other features, they replace the act of reading and interpreting strings of letters with seeing structural relationships between molecules. In order to provide a smooth transition for students as they progress from the textual representations they’ve used in introductory chemistry, we gradually increase the proportion of bond-line formulas chapter by chapter until they eventually become the major mode of structural representation.

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