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Oral Complications of Cancer and Its Management

by aliraza

You can download Oral Complications of Cancer and Its Management by Andrew N. Davies and Joel B. Epstein free in pdf format. 

Oral Complications of Cancer and Its Management

About Book

This is a beautifully written and illustrated hardback from Oxford University Press. The title does not do justice to describing the extensive content detailed in this 312 page text. Numerous international authors have collated information from their various specialities to provide 30 comprehensive chapters. These include: common oral conditions, orofacial pain, halitosis, osteoradionecrosis, trismus, salivary gland dysfunction, oral mucositis, complications of chemotherapy and much more. Each subject is not only related to the oral cancer patient, but differential diagnoses are also discussed. In addition there are chapters addressing the needs of specific groups of patient, for example paediatric patients and those patients with advanced cancer. The health economic impact of oral complications is also detailed.
This unique book is aimed to provide a reference aid for ‘all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with cancer’. As one of the only texts devoted to oral conditions affecting the cancer patient, it is likely to become an essential read for the large multidisciplinary team involved in the management of the cancer patient. I believe due to the wide range of information detailed in this book it will appeal to both junior and senior staff, and feel it is an excellent text for undergraduate students. With reference to students in particular, the chapters detailing normal anatomy, common oral conditions and the tables provided, for example ‘complications of salivary gland dysfunction’ and ’causes of halitosis’, would act as useful and concise revision aids.
In summary this is an interesting and well presented text which includes something to appeal to all members of our profession.

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