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Notes on Small Animal Dermatology

by aliraza

You can download Notes on Small Animal Dermatology by Judith Joyce free in pdf format. 

Notes on Small Animal Dermatology

About Book

Part of the popular ‘Notes On’ series, this book is full of practical advice and information on diagnosing and treating common dermatological problems in small animals. The rapid reference format is designed to help you locate information as quickly as possible. Information on common dermatological complaints is offered in different ways to meet a variety of needs. Firstly a problem-orientated perspective is provided, and then a disease-based perspective looking at what underlying problems cause particular diseases. This is followed by a section that looks at dermatological disease by anatomical location, and a section that outlines different treatments.

  • Supplemented with full-colour photographs throughout to aid diagnosis
  • Detailed flow-diagrams illustrate the problem-orientated approach
  • Text is laid out in note form for ease of reference This book is ideal for veterinary students, new practitioners and established professionals who need a quick refresher
  • Full colour photographs throughout to aid diagnosis;
  • Flow charts to demonstrate problem orientated approaches;
  • An essential tool for new practitioners, students and established professionals needing a quick refresher.

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