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New Scientist 21 January 2017

by aliraza

You can download New Scientist 21 January 2017 free in pdf format.

New Scientist 21 January 2017

About New Scientist Magazine

New Scientist is a UK-based weekly English-language international science magazine, founded in 1956. Since 1996 it has run a website. Sold in retail outlets and on subscription, the magazine covers current developments, news, reviews and commentary on science and technology. It also prints speculative articles, ranging from the technical to the philosophical. There is a readers’ letters section which discusses recent articles, and discussions also take place on the website. Readers contribute observations on examples of pseudoscience to Feedback, and questions and answers on scientific and technical topics to Last Word; extracts from the latter have been compiled into several books. New Scientist is based in London and publishes editions in the UK, the United States, and Australia.

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