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Muazziz Khopri by Ibne Safi

by Asim Javed

You can download Muazziz Khopri (Urdu: معزز کھوپڑی ) by Ibne Safi free in pdf format. There are four short stories in this book. Three of them are set in the wild valley of Shikral, while the last one is a detective story featuring Ibn-e-Safi’s famous characters Zafr-ul-Mulk and Jameson. 1 Muazziz Khopri 2 Gultarang 3 Shikral k Jiyaale 4 Ajnabi Dost

Muazziz Khopri by Ibne Safi

About Ibn-e-Safi

Ibn-e-Safi (also spelled as Ibne Safi) (Urdu: ابنِ صفی) was the pen name of Asrar Ahmad (Urdu: اسرار احمد), a best-selling and prolific fiction writer, novelist and poet of Urdu. He is known globally for his fabulous Urdu spy novels of Imran Series and Jasusi Dunya.

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