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Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 9th Edition

by aliraza

You can free download Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 9th Edition in pdf format.

Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 9th Edition

About Book

With coverage of basic animal science and livestock industry information as well as current issues in animal agriculture, the Ninth Edition of MODERN LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY PRODUCTION covers everything readers need to know about all phases and types of livestock production. Through updated visual aids, real-world applications, and comprehensive study tools, this engaging book provides readers with a solid understand of the anatomy, physiology, nutrition, feeding, and reproduction of multiple livestock and poultry breeds.

Every effort has been made to thoroughly update and revise this very successful textbook to reflect the most current information available. The ninth edition of Modern Livestock and Poultry Production is designed with the teacher and student in mind:

  • A new chapter format includes learning objectives and a list of key terms at the beginning of each chapter.
  •  The learning objectives focus attention on the information and skills to be learned, which are then tested in the review section at the end of the chapter.
  • In addition, having the vocabulary presented at the beginning of each chapter allows teachers and students to obtain a general idea of some of the concepts to be covered in the chapter. Teachers may use these terms for the classroom word wall, and students can build their vocabulary as they develop skills in livestock and poultry production.
  • Connection boxes are placed throughout the book to integrate concepts in livestock and poultry production with other curricula and life applications. Each Connection provides
    interesting information related to a specific animal science topic. These newly added elements are designed to spark student interest and encourage students to think beyond the scope of the classroom.
  • A major revision of Section 6, Sheep and Goats, includes one of the most comprehensive, in-depth references available on judging goats. The production of goats, and especially meat goats, has become a major agricultural enterprise in recent years. This revised chapter prepares students for the production of goats as well as showing and judging goats.

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