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Materials Used in Dentistry by Mahalaxmi

by aliraza

You can download Materials Used in Dentistry by Mahalaxmi free in pdf format. 

Materials Used in Dentistry by Mahalaxmi

About Book

Conceptual analysis is widely supported by appropriate photographs and correlated with appropriate clinical situations. Additional information and recent advances are highlighted in boxes.
Key points in connection with multiple choice questions asked in various competitive entrance examinations such as AIPG and AIIMS are emphasized. For self-assessment, probable questions are given at the end of each chapter. Highlights The subject is organized into 10 sections. Of these, the sections “Endodontic Materials” and “Surgical and Periodontal Materials”, which includes chapters on local anesthetics and suture materials, are unique features of the book. Two frequently used and fast-emerging material science topics – Biomaterials, highlighting the use of recent techniques such as tissue engineering and nanotechnology and Indirect Composite Resins – are allocated separate chapters. Sections on restorative materials describe both conventional and new materials and include independent chapters on direct filling gold, dental ceramics and dental implant biomaterials. Auxiliary materials and techniques are extensively discussed in a separate section. This section deals mainly with materials used in the dental laboratory. Materials used in preventive dentistry, an important aspect of patient management, are discussed in a separate section this section highlights antiplaque agents, remineralization agents and pit and fissure sealants.

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