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Malignant Brain Tumors: State-of-the-Art Treatment

by aliraza

You can download Malignant Brain Tumors State of the Art Treatment by Jennifer Moliterno G√ľnel , Joseph M. Piepmeier andJoachim M. Baehring free in pdf format.


About Book

This text addresses all aspects of patient evaluation and care. This includes new findings in imaging that provide a better understanding of the extent of the lesion as well as its relationship with critical neuroanatomic function. The evolution of intraoperative imaging, functional brain mapping,and technology to identify tumor from brain is covered. This has significantly improved the ability of surgeons to more safely and aggressively remove tumors.More importantly, a better understanding of tumor biology and genomics has created an opportunity to significantly revise tumor classification and better select optimal therapy for individual patients. The text covers novel and innovative treatment options including immunotherapy, tumor vaccines, antiangiogenic agents,and personalized cancer treatment. In addition, novel agent delivery techniques are covered to offer the potential for increasing the effectiveness of treatment by delivering active agents directly where they are needed most.

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