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Looking After Cage Birds by David Alderton

by aliraza

You can download Looking After Cage Birds by David Alderton free in pdf format. 

About Book

Includes an overview of the different types of cage birds, explaining their most common health problems, and giving techniques for breeding and taming. A thoroughly helpful reference for anyone who owns birds or is considering doing so. Alderton provides an instructive overview for the main species of caged birds, including finches, parrots, canaries, and macaws, plus the particular requirements for each and the potential drawbacks to owning one. The pros and cons of various cage designs are discussed. Much space is also devoted to outlining the often extensive upkeep that goes into providing a suitable environment for birds, including feeding, watering, cleaning, and handling the birds. As a caged bird is susceptible to all manner of sickness and disease, Alderton explains the most common health problems, giving practical advice for diagnosing these ailments. Methods for breeding, ways to tame birds, and tips for helping the more vocal species to speak round out this extremely accessible book. Worth the price simply for the dozens of striking color photographs.

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