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Khayal e Yaar by Sumaira Hameed

by aliraza
Khayal e Yaar by Sumaira Hameed

You can download Khayal e Yaar ( Urdu خیال یار) by Sumaira Hameed free in pdf format.

About Sumaira Hameed

Sumaira Hameed is very renowned individual who has been working hard in her field in a very significant manner, she works hard a lot to make her work distinctive in every regard. She works in a very decent manner and delivers those unique ideas which make people to understand her point of view in the most careful manner. She has been working on the genre of romance and also writes over the social subjects, her work is very suitable for the youngsters who find the love stories interesting ones. She works for well known digest and offers a kind of text which is hard to resist.

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