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Jaypee’s Dental Dictionary 2nd Edition

by aliraza

You can download Jaypee’s Dental Dictionary 2nd Edition by Priya Verma Gupta, LC Gupta and Sujata Sarabahi free in pdf format. 

Jaypee's Dental Dictionary 2nd Edition

About Book

It gives us immense pleasure to write the preface for the second edition of Jaypee’s Dental Dictionary. We received copious correspondence from the readers commenting about the book and giving suggestions for improvement in past 6 years since the first edition came in to existence. We also kept a record of new researches and techniques that came up in past six years.
Second edition is being divided in three sections, i.e., dictionary, appendices and colour plates. Appendices come with valuable information which will be handy for the students starting their journey in field of dentistry. Addition of latest photographs and figures will help the readers to understand the vocabulary in a better way. As this compilation is a balanced product between dictionary and encyclopaedia, we have tried to incorporate all new updates that will help the students to familiarise themselves with new vocabulary.

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