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Jaltay Safeenay by Almas M.A.

by aliraza

You can download Jaltay Safeenay ( Urdu جلتے سفینے) by Almas M.A. free in pdf format.

Jaltay Safeenay by Almas M.A.

About Almas M.A.

When it comes to considering the famous Urdu writers one may come across a never ending list of names and among them the names Almas MA has been a renowned one. she has been working as a writer form a long time and has gained a sufficient level of experience as well, his skills and expertise are embellished with pure dimension and her abilities to present her thoughts in a clear way is what that appeals readers. She has been working on the genre o social romance and has been much successful in her workings from a long time.

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